• What We Do

What We Do

GIPEC has developed and extensive suite of systems that will interrogate, dissect and monitor the “objective” to learn the techniques and strategies  employed to market counterfeit products/services, traffic in activities such as illegal drug trade and cyber and physical terrorism.

We have developed “leading edge technological systems” that utilize machine based and human analysis techniques  to provide powerful transparency into “objectives” activities, including forensic analysis of their methods.

Our Methodology

What We Provide

  • Objectives unique digital DNA (Data Narrative Analysis)
  • Liaison with Government and Regulatory bodies on your behalf
  • Actionable intelligence from the “root to the leaves” of the “objective enterprise trees
  • We constantly monitor the global market on behalf of our clients
  • We provide you with a mechanism to prosecute the offenders and potentially recover lost revenue and/or peace of mind
  • Threat Intelligence and response data for quality decision making
  • Track, Analyze, report and respond to our clients unique requirements
  • Hit “objective” enterprises where it hurts, using strategies designed to interrupt their entire operation
  • Provide evidentiary data for both criminal and civil prosecutions utilizing our legal team
  • Peace of mind that someone is looking out for the public’s best interest and our clients specific interests