• Who We Are

Who We Are

Our technological paradigm shift in finding &
gathering the data necessary to bring criminals
& criminal enterprises to justice is unmatched
in today’s evolving global economy. We can
assist in any number of ways to not just look
at the surface of the constantly evolving
counterfeit marketplace, but to get to
the “root” of the enterprise tree and
help to persecute and prosecute the
organizations responsible for enda-
ngering the global population and securing
our nation against the cyber terrorism.

Our methodology has been validated by some of the top companies and organizations to define the problem find the data  and gather the evidentiary intelligence to cease the business of online criminal enterprises.

Our Team

GIPEC is made up of professionals from the high technology sector, intelligence community, legal profession and business community.

Our team has the knowledge and the expertise to assist your organization with protecting your IP, your brand and your customers. We also work with Law Enforcement and Intelligence communities to protect and serve the public from nefarious online enterprises at the same time preserving your brand.

Experience In

  • Cyber Security Intelligence & Forensics
  • Deep Web Interrogation
  • Social Engineering and Reverse Social Engineering Techniques
  • Humanistics
  • Contextual Data
  • Litigation Support